Gyaru Wigs

One of the hottest items in HimeCastle is our Japanese Gyaru Style Wigs. Our wigs are imported from Japan and Korea with soft texture, laced hair nets and durable quality. Our line of Japanese Gyaru Wigs include long wigs, curly wigs, straight wigs, short wigs, two tone colored wigs, golden brown wigs, natural black wigs, straight fringe wigs and side fringe wigs. Some of our featured and most popular wigs are: 

♦ Light Yellow Curly Wavy Dolly Wig  ♦ 2Tone Princess Wavy Long Wig  ♦ Honey Brown Golden Yellow Shinny Curls  ♦ Dolly Wavy Long Curls Wig  ♦ Hime Honey Golden Wavy Wig


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